Pond Sealers and More!
Protective Coatings & Liners for Landscaping

Do you have cracked or abated concrete?
Do you have a pond that leaks?
Do you have a planter box that needs sealing?
Do you have equipment that you want to protect?
Have to paint, and never want to paint again?

Save Money!
Never Paint or Coat Again!

garden pond sealed with polyurea pond sealer so it won't leak
This beautiful garden pond benefits from our professionally installed pond sealer, and will never leak again!
    There are many Landscaping applications for Double G Protective Polyurea Coatings:

  • Pond Sealers
  • Walkways
  • Mower Decks
  • Planter Box Interiors
  • Snow Plow Blades
  • Wheelbarrows

…and more!

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