Commercial Coating Services

Do you have cracked or abated concrete?
Do you have a secondary containment system that won’t pass government inspection?
Do you need floor, or walls, or roof waterproofed?
Do you need a non-toxic coating in food preparation areas?
Have to paint, and never want to paint again?

Our Commercial Coating Services Save You Money!
Never Paint or Coat Again!

commercial coating services applied a polyurea coating to this feed mill to stop leaks

    There are many applications for Double G Commercial Coating Services:

  • Secondary Containment Systems Including Load Landings (Chemical-Resistant)
  • Decks or Platforms
  • Slats
  • Walls (Inside and Out)
  • Floors
  • Food Preparation Areas

…and more!

Commercial Coating Services that Meet the Standards
Our commercial coatings comply with Iowa’s, Illinois’, and Wisconsin’s requirements regarding secondary containments. Our products have successfully passed the USDA criteria, as well as Wisconsin requirements, for application in food processing and dairy facilities. These are also safe when you need to repair and line either the mixing or loading pad for bulk fertilizers, based on the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture standards.

Commercial Coating Services with a High Return on Investment
Because our commercial coatings are a permanent solution, your savings in time and money, over the lifetime of your property, are virtually immeasurable.
Walls would not hold paint due to chemicals and moisture. Commercial coating services saved the day.

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