Truck Beds & Chip Guards

Vehicle Chip Guard and Truck Bed Coating Services


  • Do you need a protective non-skid truck bed?
  • Do you want to protect your vehicle from stone chips?
  • Do you want to extend the life of your truck?
  • Do you want to make it look better too?



Truck protected with chip guards

Solve your problems with durable, beautiful, waterproof, Polyurea Coatings from Double G Coatings.

Save Money!
Protect Your Vehicle and Never Coat Again!

    There are many Vehicle and Vehicle Accessory applications for Double G Protective Polyurea Coatings:

  • Truck Beds
  • Under-Coatings
  • Chip Guarding
  • Trailer Floors, Ramps, and Roofs
  • Bus or Truck Roofs, Wheel Wells, Floors and Under-bodies
  • Snow Plows

…and more!

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