Polyurea Wall Coating Services

wall coating services were used to coat the exterior wall of this building

  • Have to paint, and never want to paint again?
  • Do you need a non-toxic coating in food preparation areas?
  • Do you have cracked walls?
  • Do you need walls waterproofed?
  • Are you looking for an eco-friendly solution?

Say Goodbye to Rusting, Chipping, & Peeling Surfaces!

Instead of painting your walls, have them professionally Polyurea Coated! Polyurea coating is Waterproof, Chemical Resistant, and Non-toxic!

Interior or Exterior Wall Coating Services

basement wall coated with protective coating for waterproofing and durability

Commercial or Residential Wall Coating Services

Save Money – Never Paint or Coat Again!

    Hassle-Free Maintenance:

  • No Seams for Dirt or Bacteria to Grow In
  • No Fasteners
  • Can Be Pressure-Washed
  • Easily Repaired or Maintained
  • Will Not Warp, Crack, or Split

Meeting the Standards
Our products have successfully passed the USDA criteria, as well as Wisconsin requirements, for application in food processing and dairy facilities.

We take pride in offering a product that’s more cost-efficient, yet far superior to ordinary paint. Here are the reasons:


Double G Protective Polyurea Coatings

Available in Many Colors Available in Many Colors
Temporary Long-Lasting
Scratch, Peel, and Flake Off Durable Protection
Do Not Add Strength to Your Surface Become Part of The Structural Material and Improve Its Quality
Need Maintenance Don’t Need Maintenance
Rust or Oxidize Rust and Oxidation Resistant
Eaten by Chemicals Extended Chemical Resistance
Not Abrasion Resistant Abrasion Resistant
Low Weather Resistance Weather Resistant
Limited Temperature Resistance Extended Temperature Resistance
Hard Tough, Versatile, Flexible, and Durable
Potentially Toxic Safe and Non-Toxic to Humans, Animals, and Plants
Fail to Pass Government Inspection in Many Situations Our Product’s Qualities and Application Process Meet the USDA Criteria and State Requirements

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